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Gentle Max Pro Laser Equipment

We recently upgraded our Laser machine to the Syneron Candela Gentle MAX Pro. We are so happy to announce that we are now able to treat ALL SKIN TYPES! Other new modalities include skin tightening treatments, nail fungus treatments, rosacea treatments, spider vein treatments and more! Keep in mind that we are still offering Hyperpigmentation treatments as well!

This laser is the fastest laser on the market today and has become the Gold Standard in the hair removal industry. This laser is not only state of the art, but has the science and the research behind it. The Gentle Max Pro is a 755 nm Alexandrite laser.

When researching reviews, consistently Syneron is described as the “safest, fastest and most effective” laser. Syneron is featured on The Doctors, The View and other ABC network news shows. It is because of this media friendly image, the integrity of their products, the consistent performance ratings with doctors, dermatologists, nurses and laser technicians; that Synergy is completely confident in providing you with the best laser that is available today.

Watch the YouTube videos below to learn more:

The Gentle Max Pro has a dual cooling effect, the client will feel a cool pulse of air, then the laser treatment, immediately followed by another cool pulse of air. This allows for an immediate relief after each pulse of the laser! The Dynamic Cooling System is not used in working with skin rejuvenation treatments. The Gentle Max Pro uses the laser’s heat, you as the client will feel pulses of warmth on the area being treated. The best way we can describe the treatment experience is a heating bag.