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Willow's is going through some major changes!


“I cannot express the gratitude I have for all of my incredible clients I have gotten to know over the last 8 years in Vancouver. I cannot THANK YOU ALL enough for supporting my passion, trusting me as you have and sharing your lives with me. It has been an honour and a privilege.

As you know, I have moved to Alberta and have been making the work commute to Vancouver once a month. This was not in the plans, but I “rolled with the punches” to the best of my ability. There have been wonderful things to come out of this, but I have come to realize that my time working in British Columbia must come to an end. Number 1, and always will be, are my dogs. It has become too difficult leaving them so often. As some of you may also know I am working towards building the Animal Sanctuary of my dreams, and being away 1/4 of each month is not conducive to this goal.

All of this said, I have made the bittersweet decision to relocate Willow’s entirely to my new hometown, Cochrane, AB. I have found a wonderful work space where I hope to build a clientele with like rapport that I have been so blessed to have had with all of you in BC for almost a decade. This move/change will commence September 18th(so soon I know!!) I will be coming to Tonume for a proper goodbye, dates TBD. If you are EVER in the Calgary/Cochrane area, please come visit!

The owners of Tonume welcomed me with open arms and accommodated me in ways I couldn’t have hoped for. I will forever be grateful to them and their hospitality and grace. If you are ever in need of Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Physio, Naturopathy, Acupuncture and so much more, please please visit them at 2655 Commercial Drive(the owners are Vegan as well!!!!).”