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Precautions for Laser Treatments


Wait 6 months after the completion of Accutane therapy


Do not treat tattooed skin, including decorative, permanent makeup and radiation port tattoos.


Refer to Candela Corporation policy # 0920-23-0814.

Seizure disorders:

Do not treat patients with a history of light-triggered seizures.


Daily anticoagulation therapy, iron supplements, herbal supplements such as ginko, ginseng or garlic may bruise more readily.

Photosensitizing Medications:

Medications that induce photosensitivity or medications within or above the 755 nm wavelength range. Refer to Candela Corporation Drugs That May Cause Photosensitivity. Stop the medication if possible for 3-5 days prior to treatment.

HSV 1 & 2:

Do not treat if active lesion(s) are present within the intended treatment area. Patients with a known history of frequent HSV 1&2 lesions should begin prophylaxis prior to treatment as prescribed by their physician.

Poorly Controlled Medical Conditions:

These patients should be carefully evaluated by their physician for medical clearance.

Active Skin Infection:

Avoid treatment of open wounds and skin that is actively infected.

Cold Sensitivity:

Use caution when treating patients with Raynaud phenomenon.

Keloid Scarring:

Perform test spots prior to treating larger areas.

History of photosensitivity to 755 nm light.