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Cosmeceutical Facials

We are proud to be the first Spa in British Columbia to carry Rhea Cosmetics, and NEW Certified Vegan Cosmeceutical Skin Care! All Facials include a Youngblood Mineral sun protection powder on request.

Introducing VEGAN Rhea Cosmetics!

“Rhea’s core is the essential belief that each skin is unique and one of a kind, so there are no standard solutions which can meet your needs RHEA becomes a dress, tailored to fit our skin, an exclusive combination of cosmetic actions to help the customer play an active, leading role in her cosmetic treatment.”

Clairifying Facial
$ 110

60 minutes – This is our wonderful monthly maintenance Facial. We detoxify and clarify acne prone skin with this concentrated treatment facial designed to minimize inflammation and eliminate impurities gently. Deep cleansing and exfoliation, manual extractions, skin appropriate masks and high frequency aid to rid bacteria and promote healing. Massage and pressure points relax and stimulate cellular renewal.

Gentlemen's Facial
$ 110

0 minutes – A soothing deep cleansing treatment designed to address the specific skin care needs of men. This Facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extraction, massage, masking and treatment serum and hydration. You will leave feeling smooth, refreshed and hydrated.

Deluxe Facial
$ 140

75 minutes – Delve into relaxation with a soothing scalp massage. A Double cleanse, skin appropriate exfoliation, manual extractions, anti-aging facial and décolleté massage, customized masking for a renewed complexion completed with a serum hydrator blend created just for you. You will leave feeling revitalized, toned, youthful and beautiful.